Tysoe®Micro USB FAST Data Galaxy Samsung Charger Cable Lead Wire



Description for Samsung Charger

Samsung charger for All Samsung models which are fit with micro USB

  • High-Speed Synchronising  for Samsung Charger
  • Fast Charging Cable
  • Adaptive Charger
  • Max Power transfer to device
  • Ultra Durability
  • Perfect compatibility
  • Quality Built
  • Tangle free

The more durable power cable coating ensures against the cable overheating, short-circuiting and allows for the best data transfer.

Aluminium-Constructed Connector

The laser-welded aluminium connector heads fit tightly and snugly with your phone and won’t get loose or fall out of your devices. Fit into almost all case cutouts.

Compatible With:

All Android and Windows phones, tablets with micro usb ports
-Samsung / Nexus / HTC / Motorola / Nokia / LG / Sony /Blackberry/Huawei/Lenovo
-PS4 / Xbox / PS Vita / Nintendo DS / GoPro / GPS Devices / Games Consoles
-Battery packs / Bluetooth Speakers / Wireless Keyboards / Cameras / Camcorders / Hard Drives / e-readers / Printers.

Additional information

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